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One More Thing Before We Go: See You Next Year

I really hope that you enjoyed part one of our special New Years Edition. Come tomorrow for part 2, which includes Best and Worst TV Show of 2008, our surprisingly touching Best and Works Moments, and perhaps most importantly, our predictions for 2009.

Kudos to anyone who can guess correctly which FaN blogger listed this as their favorite moment of 2008:

Being offered the opportunity to become a blogumnist on Fierce and Nerdy. Not only my favorite moment of the year, but perhaps of the decade. It even rivaled the first time I had sex at the very belated age of 21. I was that excited when Ernessa asked me to contribute to this blog. Seriously.

Hahaha, guesses in the comments. And I’ll talk to you again next year.

happy2009. Photo Credit: basibanget