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One More Thing Before We Go: Week in Review

Is it already time for us to go? Man, it feel like we just got here. But just in case you missed anything, there’s a nifty little week in review after the the jump. See you Monday!


The Artist’s Devils and David Foster Wallace

The New Dating Ethics: To Google or Not to Google

Entering into an Arranged Marriage with Grad School

Time to Start Reading Again

Of All the Things We’ve Done This Week, Why Is This Still In The Top 5?


Why You Need To Become Okay w/ Paying More for Gas

If You’re Hairdresser is a Chatty Cathy, Then You Need To Read This

Don’t Read This if You’re Hungry

A Funny Debate

We Bet You Didn’t Know THIS About English Hunting Parties


The Perfect Gift for Your Favorite Geek

Our Favorite New Comic (Of Course, No Bias!)

Gospel and Boobies!

Why I’m Planning to Take Genius Bar as a Second Husband


Ew! Ew! Ew!

The Passion of KTW vs ETC

Big Bad NBC is Beating Up on Scrubs

the dot that launched a thousand ships

Apparently Audiences Didn’t Start Suspending They’re Disbelief Until the 1800’s


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