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One More Thing Before We Go: Week in Review

Two Shocks:

1. Watching Grey’s Anatomy right now, and nearly dropped dead of shock when the Chief said that they’re going to actually start implementing rules of professional behavior. I doubt that this new situation will last all the way to the end of the episode, but we’ll see.

2. It’s already time for us to go! As usual I’ve put in a super-handy week in review after the jump. See you Monday!


OMG!!! I’m Going To Belgium!

Trapper Keeper Nostalgia

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Band-Aids for Big Kids

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Michelle Obama’s Controversial Transformation

A Simple Explanation Of The Bailout. Yeah You Heard Me Right.


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Let The Sunshine In

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My Top 3 Downloads Of The Week

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Cheerio, Shaft!

We Hope No One Got Hurt on Yom Kippur