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One More Thing Before We Go: Week in Review

Guys, can you believe it’s been 6 weeks of Fierce and Nerdy??? If we keep this up, people will say we’re falling in love. Here’s your week in summation after the jump:


Breaking News Interrupted

Our Teenage Blogger Weighs In On Teen Politics

Cheers To Trying Something New

This Makes Me Want A Tattoo

Grammar Ain’t Easy

Why David Allen Grier? Why?



Am I Pregnant? Click Here To Find Out

Fierce Conservative On The Bailout

If Your BF Or SO Is A Crap Dresser. Click Here.

Please Weigh In On The Bailout. We Need Your Opins!

Here’s A New Word For Kids: No

We’ve Got To Do Better



Boo! YMCA At Weddings. It’s Just Wrong.

This Makes Me Think That The FaN Reader Base Is Made Up Purely Of Cat Lovers

Yet Another Airport Horror Story

Now I Want Some Persian Stew

Re: Earth-Destroying Asteroids



My Novel Is Back In The House. Literally!

Discover New Music. Kyle Did.

Now I Want A Hug, Too

Should We Love Or Hate Guitar Hero?

Mmm! Mexicali…

Best Bugs Bunny Cartoon Ever?


And as always, hit home and scroll down for all of Friday’s blogs!