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One More Thing Before We Go: Week in Review

Ooh-kay, so things got a little crazy, and I’m just now putting up the week in review. Big apologies, but I’ve been thinking of moving the Week in Review to Saturdays, anyway, so let me know if you have a preference in the comments. Meanwhile here’s you breakdown. Cheers! See you on Monday.


Oh Merry Beaver!

You Must Do This For Yourself

The Only Hedge Fund Manager That I’ve Ever Liked

Get Your Time Together

It’s Funny Because It’s True


I Still Hate Mimes

Yeah, You Should Be Bitter About the Bailout

Yea! Noah’s Arc Is a Movie!

Cheap, Fun, and Tasty. We Like!

In Defense of the Undecideds

Wow, Texas. Wow.


Why CH Bought Me a Pill Cutter

Your Man Might Be Jealous of Your Computer

Chic Geek: Your Nerdy Guy — Only Better

On Life’s Constances: Debt and Time

Double Yea! The Noah’s Arc Trailer


I Never Ever Want To Host a Show. I Mean Ever

Gobama But Nobama Boxer Briefs

Your 30’s and Your Married Exes

KTW vs ETC: The Hip Hop Edition

Hmm, Did You Know This About Monopoly Money?


My Review of The Ex List

It’s Funny, Because It’s Wrong

Sadly, I thought Faces of Death Was Real Until I Read This

Yes, We Carve

Only Click Here You’re Looking For a Blackhole Time Suck