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Open or Closed Door? [Philosophical Monday]

Maybe it was b/c I shared a room with my sister until the age of of 13. But as long as I can remember having a room of my own, I have much preferred a closed door. If I’m going to be in a room for more than fifteen minutes, I close the door. I only had my own office for two years, but I didn’t even spend two days of those two years with the door open. If I had one of those jobs that gave you an office and demanded that you leave the door open, I’d have to quit — even in a recession.

There’s just something about an open door that makes me … itchy. I can’t relax, I can’t work, unless the door is closed. Weirdly enough, my husband is the opposite. Once he’s up and dressed, he’s totally fine with leaving the door to our room open to the point that I often find myself having to get up to reclose the door, b/c he’s once again left it open on his way out of the bedroom. In our marriage this is our toilet paper over or under issue.

But how about you guys?  Do you prefer the door to your office or bedroom space open or closed? And does your significant other feel the same way? Let me know in the comments.

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