People with Better Than Good Hair Love to Procrastinate on This!

So this week, there’s awesome news and bad news. The bad news is that I’m on modified bed rest and hating every moment of it. Last night I had a dream about walking around the mall. I was so happy, then I woke up. 9 more weeks, ya’ll…

But the AWESOME news is that not only has Curly Nikki announced the natural hair guide we’ve spent the better part of two years putting together, she’s throwing an amazing pre-order giveaway/contest over at her site. Check it out HERE, and check out the official BETTER THAN GOOD HAIR website for more info on achieving healthy, gorgeous, natural hair before the book comes out on January 29, 2013.

Yay! And even better, I still have a ton of procrastination for you this weekend, so check it out!

1. My latest goal as a midwestern raised by a southerner, is to teach my 3y0 daughter how to maintain good table manners without the benefit of an iPhone. Her home game is steadily improving, her restaurant game — well, we’re still working on that. Anywho, here’s “8 Tips for teaching your child table manners.” [Today’s Parent]

2. I’m so grateful that the Anonymous Smithie, introduced me to The Frisky. This article on moving on from as opposed to dwelling on past relationships is right on point. Next! [The Frisky]

3. Take cheer, flu sufferers, there’s a RNA-based vaccine that could wipe out the flu forever, leaving you free to use your sick days for impromptu TV marathon sessions — as you should be. [i09]

4. Speaking of cures, gratitude is a cure-all for all sorts of mental ills. So really, you should practice being grateful all the time, not just at Thanksgiving, if only to benefit yourself. Thanks to the Anonymous Smithie for posting! [Time] 

5. Now that I’m expecting twins, I’ve been hardcore daydreaming about the luxurious vacation I plan to take with my husband for our 10-year anniversary, as you do. So big thanks to FaN blogger, Jennifer May Nickel, for posting this Quantas article on her FaceBook wall. And if anyone else knows of any good travel p0rn sites, send them my way — mama needs her fantasy. [A Luxury Travel Blog]

6. If you’re currently picking through your house, filling trash bags with old and unwanted stuff to give away to charity, stop and click through to the following blog post first. It’s what inspired my recent decision to become a year-round sustaining donor to all our Christmas charities, as opposed to a once-a-year-one. Also, on a selfish note, it means I won’t have to bother with divvying up money next Christmas. Win-win for everybody. [My Brown Baby]