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Philosophical Monday: A Month of Minefields

I'm busy gumming my hand now, but I'm totally going to ask you some hard questions later on...

I'm busy gumming my hand now, but I'm totally going to ask you some hard questions later on...

So we’ve gone over how I curse like a sailor and how I need to start a curse jar or somethin’ unless I want Betty to be one of those children that cusses on a regular basis. I personally find kids like that hilarious. However, the hubby put the kibosh on raising a Seth MacFarlane cartoon character.

But really there’s a bigger problem that I need to conquer before Betty hits the year mark, and that’s saying things without thinking about what I’m saying first. Foot-in-mouth disease becomes particularly painful when you bring children into the situation. I think crediting CH’s whiteness with my now hard-won sense of timeliness is hilarious, but to a biracial child, that’s just confusing. Also, it’s not completely true. Though, CH is a stickler for getting places on time if not early, I decided on my own that it’s just ridiculously unprofessional and disrespectful not to show up to places on time. I also got in trouble at my old job a couple of times, so lesson taught. Now that’s a much better explanation about why I always try to be on time these days, isn’t it?

So with that in mind, I’ve decided to take on a challenge that’s been a long time coming. A whole month of thoughtful dialogue on “Topics I Have Heretofore Avoided.”

I know what you’re thinking: Ernessa, you liveblogged your effing birth. Really what have you NOT talked about on this blog?

And my answer to that is, “You’d be surprised, yet not-surprised about the topics I have been avoiding.” So without further ado, here’s what to expect during this Month of Minefields:

This week: Religion (nobody requested this, but I’ve been feeling a deep need to speak on the subject)

Next week: Interracial Relationships (by popular offline demand)

The Week After Next: Raising a Bi-Racial Kid AFTER having had a Bi-Racial Kid (by scary popular online and offline demand)

The Last Week of October: Minefield Grab Bag (a few requested and non-requested items that don’t take a full week to discuss)

I’m not going to lie, guys, this is somewhat scary territory for me, but I’m glad for the chance to get all of my thoughts on these topics in order. Also, I can see myself looking this month up when Betty asks me a questions associated with one of my minefield topics.

Please, please, please make comments. Usually I don’t sweat comments, since our stat reader tells me that you guys are showing up to read in droves week after week (thank you for that, btw), but I’d really like to hear what you have to say on these subjects, too. Also, please keep in mind that we want to stay respectful of each other in the comments. I invite you to disagree and converse, but never, ever to insult our other commenters — though if you want to take me to task for saying something insulting, this is definitely the month to do so.

Alright, that all said, the fun begins tomorrow. See you then!

200% Best,