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Philosophical Monday: All Fixed Now (We hope)

So except for not being able to post our items on Facebook, Fierce and Nerdy is back in working order and (hopefully) better than ever. Just in case you’re just now joining us for this saga, here’s what went down:


10:15 AM: We get so much traffic, mostly due to Delia’s latest Chic Geek post that the server crashes.

11:30 AM: Lunar Pages transfers us to another server after sending a rather nasty note about us using too many of the site’s resources.

NOON: The site crashes again. I somehow manage not to throw myself off a roof or maim anybody — mainly because a last minute ticket to the Lunar Pages headquarters would have been prohibitively expensive.

1 PMish: The site comes back up, though it seems like  a few of our mac user readers (including our webmaster CH) can’t actually access the site.

8:30 PM: After finding out that the Lunar Pages somewhat expensive “upgraded server” is basically a huge pain in the ass with no customer service to boot, we decided to take Cybele from candyblog’s advice and transfer to her server service, Nexcess which she loves and highly recommends. Lunar Pages is dead to us. Don’t use Lunar Pages, especially if you’re on a Mac (as all decent people are) and especially if you think your blog might actually be even a little popular someday and especially if you have need of actual competent customer service. They’re awful on all of these fronts. And even before the Big Crash of December 3rd, we were dealing with at least tri-monthly, random 10 -20 minute site outages that drove me crazy. Really, don’t use them. Ever.


After some phone tag we hook up with sales rep Greg Swaney, who handles our transfer beautifully… and on


Even helps us figure out how to get WordPress to work on the new server, since it basically goes batshit when we transfer taking away our Visual Editor, our ability to add photos, update our current mood photos, create extra line breaks, pre-schedule, subscribe to our RSS feed, and all sorts of other stuff.


CH and Greg work together to solve all of the WordPress issues. I say “yea!” and clap my hands really helpfully every time they fix something. They don’t say that they appreciate my super-helpful cheerleading efforts, but I know they do. Deep inside.

Would really recommend Nexcess. They’ve gone above and beyond to get us all transferred and we’d  marry them at this point if it were legal to do so. Not really. But that’s how cool they are. They make us actually hypothesize get married to a company.


Hopefully everything is fixed. If you weren’t able to access the site last week, please take a moment to read all of the awesome blogs that went up while we were dealing with our technical difficulties. Also, we really appreciate all of the readers who stuck with us through the worst of this. Supposedly, it would be nearly impossible for our site to crash under the new service, so no jumping off a roof for me and no having to do without Fierce and Nerdy for you guys. Win-Win, right?

But we only think we fixed or know about all of the problems. If you notice any additional snags, please let us know. And thanks again for being awesome.

100% Relieved,



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