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Philosophical Monday: Emmy Edition or Bye-Bye Ms. American Pumpkin Pie

So by popular (if by popular you mean a couple of people said that it might be cool) demand, today’s usual baby-centered post is being pre-empted by the Creative Arts Emmys.

The morning of the Emmys gets off to a glamorous start. Notice I chose black polish. Thanks for all of your suggestions!

The morning of the Emmys gets off to a glamorous start. Notice I chose black polish. Thanks for all of your suggestions!

Saturday morning I woke up in a wet shirt. Apparently I had turned over onto my side during the night and one of my girls had fallen outside the perimeters of the nursing pad, and voila uncomfortable mess of post-natal bodily fluid. In a way I was sort of grateful. I’ve been worried about my milk production lately after finding out the hard way (while trying to pump milk to tide my MIL over during Friday’s hair appointment) that my left teat has almost run dry. Upon  consulting the internets, I was advised to just have Betty keep on nursing on that side and to pump it often to encourage milk production. So on Saturday, when I woke up engorged on both sides, I was grateful that I was indeed producing more milk on both sides now and maybe, just maybe Betty wouldn’t have to switch to formula. Still, I completely drained both girls, b/c the last thing I needed was a lopsided rack for the Emmys.

This is all to say that I began the morning feeling real glamorous.

We weren't trying to look serious. We were waiting CH's mom to figure out the camera. Apparently she did before we could smile.

We weren't trying to look serious. We were waiting for CH's mom to figure out the camera. But I love the serious side of etCH.

As I rushed about getting ready for my 11:30am make-up appointment, it became apparent to me that though I had hinted at liveblogging on Facebook, unlike my Labor and Delivery, getting ready for the Emmys requires more attention than pushing new life out of your womb. First I had to Nair down my legs and armpits and do my high-maintenance-extra-moisturizer getting ready routine as opposed to my usual Nascar-like just-enough routine. And at my make-up appointment with the fabulous Lyric Cross, I totally couldn’t play with my iPhone, b/c I  had to keep on looking up and also hold my face still. Then I had to rush home and nurse and comfort Betty in full make-up, eat without taking off all of my lipstick and get myself ready as well as putting on CH’s cufflinks. Now I don’t believe in gender roles, but I do believe that it is a woman’s duty to put on her husband’s cufflinks.

Betty was asleep by the time we were finished getting ready, so she didn’t wave us off. But my MIL did take pictures of us before we left. Now the Emmys really felt like prom. How do you like my new (for now) hairstyle by Ursula at Mahogany Hair Revolution?



etchemmyredcarpet2We parked in the garage and walked only a few feet, before we got to a golf cart stand. These were here to escort the nominees and their dates to the event. We hopped on the back and the next thing I knew we were stepping off the golf cart and onto the red carpet. There were limos everywhere. Now I was starting to feel glamorous.

I had been scared that my dress would be a little too much for the Emmys, but when we got there, I saw that there were tons of women in evening gowns. There were also quite a few women in regular dresses, and a few women even wore suits. The two women who won best Costume Design for Something or Other accepted the award, looking like they were dressed for a day at the office in funky-but-casual separates. This all brought a fabulous diversity to the event, with no one seeming over or under dressed. I loved it. But I think if and when CH gets nominated again, I’ll definitely rock another evening gown.

In the Nokia lobby

In the Nokia lobby

After about 45 minutes of award after award, all outside of CH’s category, I was pretty bored. Winners and losers alike kept making their happy way to the Nokia’s bar-laced lobby and not coming back. The seat-fillers were working double-time. It made me kind of wish that CH had been a make-up artist or a costume designer or any kind of editor, b/c they all got called b/f his category.

The awards started at 3pm on the dee-oh-tee. Several Facebook updates later, CH’s category was announced at around 6pm. He didn’t win, but the team he would’ve picked if he wasn’t nominated and was on the judging panel did. So we happily clapped for Kieran Healy, George Harvey, and Josh Hutchings from American Idol. Then we hied away to the bar and a very good mood ensued. When I went to the bathroom there was a winner there taking a picture with her Emmy near the sinks. Like I said, good times.

The Emmy after-party looked 10x doper than this pic. But unforch, it wasn't possible to capture its awesomeness on an iPhone

The Emmy after-party looked 10x doper than this pic. But unforch, it wasn't possible to capture its awesomeness on an iPhone

Eventually the awards ceremony did end and we walked to the after party at a nearby location. The after party also had a red carpet, so we took another picture. After that it becomes a bit of a blur. I remember getting a scotch from a bar that was made entirely of ice. It was a nice sight gag, but kind of sad, b/c the poor bartenders couldn’t set anyone’s drink down on the bar, b/c it would slide off. I wondered how much they were getting paid for this.

After the ice bar, we made our way to our table and had like the best meal ever. I meant to take a picture. But did I mention that I hit the Nokia Theatre bar and the ice bar and there was wine at the table and these special Emmy Martinis that came around before dessert that tasted like a creamsicle? Well, all I know is that the rest of the night was high on fun and low on details.

But eventually I hobbled out (stoopid heels) on CH’s arm around 9:30 and we were home by 10pm. As I slipped out of my dress and pulled on my yoga shorts and nursing tank top, I definitely had the feeling of turning back into a pumpkin after the ball. But you know what. I adore pumpkins. And it’s Fall, the perfect time for pumpkin pie.