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Philosophical Monday: Going Back to Cali

So as you’re reading this, I’m flying back from Plano, Texas to my beloved Los Angeles after a wonderful visit with CH’s mother and his sister, Angela G and her husband, Frank G, and their four kids, Christina, Hunter, Jerry, and Josh G from Future So Bright.

As many of you know, I’m not a big fan of many people under the age of 21, but I really like CH’s niece and nephews, because they’re clever and funny and don’t seem to hit my super-annoyed button like that certain brand of toddler-through-teenager (often found at malls) that always seems to break out the Old Lady Carter in me.

Though, it occured to me on this trip that I might not like many kids, simply because I don’t know many kids. But then do I not know many kids because I don’t like kids? Chicken or Egg? We may never know.

Either way, it was a lovely trip. Also, it was really nice talking to Angela G, someone who had been pregnant four times. Each one of her pregnancies, like her children, were vastly different, which kind of has me looking forward to the pregnancy after this. Maybe the next time I’ll glow throughout and remain blessedly untouched by morning sickness. Or maybe that’s just how women sucker themselves into going through this process more than once. We’ll see.

Along with a spectacular Thanksgiving dinner, a special trip to Steak N’ Shake, tons of sitting around (which I never allow myself to do in real life), Avatar marathons, lots of laughing, one of the trip’s many highlights was going to see Twilight with actual young adults who had (like me) read the books.

If you’ve already read the book, then I can recommend this movie. It’s very faithful and almost every character is terrifically cast. The main character of Bella actually comes off better in the movie than she does in the book — that is kind of dumb, as opposed to completely dumb. Yes, there are a few cheesy scenes, and some rather eye-twitchingly, self-aware acting from the leads, but all in all it worked in a wonderfully awful sort of way. And I’m looking forward to the second installment — if simply so that I can make fun of that one, too.

Oh, and wait, I almost forgot. Why didn’t anybody ever tell me how comfortable working on your laptop in a recliner is??? It doesn’t really match our decor, but I’m thinking of getting one for the ETCH pad. Just saying…

Anyway this is all to really say that I missed you guys terribly. How was your Thanksgiving?


Photo Credit: Dean Terry