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Philosophical Monday: Oh Merry Beaver!

So today, we’re going to a recording studio to lay down tracks for the musical episode of the first ever Fierce and Nerdy webvella, “Oh Merry Beaver!”

I’m so excited, but I just wanted to apologize in advance, because we’re taping over the next month, and this will be pretty much all I’ll be able to talk about. Remember how excited I got on my old personal blog in the month leading up to Fierce and Nerdy? Well, this is going to be even worse. I’m talking previews, I’m talking behind-the-scenes gossip, and since it’s me, you know, I’m definitely, definitely talking lots of whining about how busy I now am. Here’s a written trailer: OMG, I’m so frickin’ exhausted. I was up until midnight working on “Oh Merry Beaver!” Can you die of sleepiness? If so, I think I’m on my deathbed. Call in a priest. Blah, blah, blah….

But hopefully you’ll forgive me when you see the results, early this winter.

Til then, please let me know what’s going on with you. Like what are you really excited about right now — I mean other than “Oh Merry Beaver!”? Let me know in the comments.