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Philosophical Monday: Party Anyway

So yesterday we went to a 2yo’s birthday party. The party was gorgeous with doggie-themed decorations and these clever little gift bags and a to-die-for kids table and a Sesame-Street-themed inflatable bounce house. Everything a toddler could hope for.

The only thing was it was raining. They say it never rains in Southern California, but maybe that song was written before global warming, b/c it does rain quite often during the winter here, and occasionally during the fall, paying no never-mind to the fact that it’s a little one’s birthday.

I looked at the large bounce house as we rushed into the covered space and I thought, “Oh, that’s too bad. Betty would have loved that if it wasn’t raining.”

Whatever, we found out less than 40 minutes later that Betty would love that bouncy house even if it was raining. She toddles over to the bounce house and set to looking up at it so longingly, that I would have felt like the world’s worst mom if I didn’t take her up there.

So I took off my shoes and we both slipped and slided through the bounce house. She face-planting and falling on her butt several times, until she found an area where she could safely practice her much-desired jumping skills.

I jumped with her, forgetting for a moment that I was in my designer jeans. That my feet were cold, and that bounce houses were usually reserved for sunny days. We both laughed, then we went and played on the wet slide. We had SO much fun.

Life Lesson Learned: If it rains on your party — even if it’s only a metaphorical one, go out and enjoy yourself anyway. I’ll have to remember that one…