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Philosophical Monday: The Best Laid Plans Ignored

So you know how a lot of parents want their kids to hit all of the milestones early in order to prove that they’re special, to set them ahead of the competitive pack ahead of time? Well, I might have been one of those parents, but then Betty started sitting up. And I realized that every developmental milestone for her was a lot more work for me, which means that if she starts hitting developmental milestones early, then I have to do a lot more work earlier than planned.

I’m not a huge fan of work outside of you know… my actual work. So after three weeks of running down Betty every time she tried to crawl outside, or avail herself of Tulip’s (our dog’s) water, or get into the dog bed with Tulip, a certain chill hit my heart, when she figured out how to stand on wobbly legs.

Yes, I much prefer Betty’s current adventurous personality to the mercurial lump she was as a newborn, but I have to admit that it was nice to be able to put her down or wrap her up in a sling, and know that she’d stay there as I went about my business. Now I have to keep one eye on my computer and one eye on Betty, who will often fake innocent play before breaking into a fast crawl in an attempt to hug Tulip before one of us catch her.

So I started hoping that she’d wait until she was 18 months until she started walking. But then she not only stood up, but also creeping around the coffee table and from person to person on our sectional couch. Mind you, she’s not going out of her way to hug any of us. Just Tulip.

“Please don’t start walking yet,” I tell her, because I’m not ready.

“She’ll probably be walking within two weeks — a month tops,” my MIL informs me in her direct Elaine-Stritchian way.

Sigh. It’s looking like I won’t even get a full year before she starts walking. But I’m not worried, because I’m sure she’ll listen to me about all other subjects. Right?