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Philosophical Monday: The Best Working Vacation Ever

Greetings from Hawaii, where I am writing up a storm while either staring at the ocean in the lobby or typing quietly while Betty sleeps. It’s been very nice, and I think I’ve come to accept that what I find most relaxing is getting a lot of writing done and spending a ton of time with my family.

That sounds obvious but you’d be surprised how hard that is to pull off in the real world with a husband that works odd TV hours and all sorts if things that just have to get done.

I’ve been thinking about a plan for next year which may or may not include refusing to schedule anything social or errand based between 9 to 5, Tuesday thru Friday. That would mean taking better advantage of Betty’s nap times and exercising or playing with her when she was awake. In other words, no more vegging out in front of “Days of Our Lives” or going to Target every other day — really, there’s nothing we need that can’t wait til the weekend.

I’m also thinking about getting a lounge chair for our bedroom, because I’ve just loved writing in the one in our hotel room.

But that’s next week. Right now I’m all about lunches by the pool and dinners on the balcony while Betty dreams. It’s been really different being on vacation with a baby. Nothing like when it was just the two of us, but so very nice. And it blows my mind that it will be a totally different experience next year when Betty is 16 months and I’m (fingers crossed) pregnant again and drinking virgin lava flows by the pool.

This life stuff is happening so fast these days. I already feel like I should be putting a plan together for 2011.