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Philosophical Monday: The Tri-Weekly Habit — Not w/o My Computer!

I can’t remember the last time I travelled without a laptop. I’ve been racking my brain all weekend and the last time I can confidently say that I left it at home is when I did my Western Hemisphere tour with Crystal L. Back in 2000.  Yes, it’s like that.

laptopBut I left my laptop at home on Friday. At the last minute I just decided not to pack it. And I mean the very last minute. I had actually made room in my suitcase when it occured to me that I didn’t need to bring it. I had my iPhone to check my email and my sister has an old desktop computer with internet. As I walked out the door, I felt like I was leaving a trusted friend behind, but so far I’ve managed to survive without it.

On Saturday after the baby shower I even managed to watch a whole night of TV with my sister without it, though I missed it’s familiar presence on my lap.

My sister is interesting, b/c she’s a year younger than me and an engineer, but she HATES the internet. Not only will she not join Facebook, but if I’m emailing her something important, I have to copy her on her work email just to make sure that she receives the missive, since she only checks her personal email once in a blue moon. Strange, right? Do you know anyone our own age who has totally eschewed the internet and all gadgets? She has a nano iPod and a Garmin, but only b/c I gifted her with them — I should also mention that it took me 3 years to convince her to get a DVR.

Anyway as I was waiting for my plane without my dear laptop, Delia from “Chic Geek” emailed me that she was going away for the weekend with her boyfriend, and that no computers or phones were allowed for the entire vacay. They felt it would be more romantic this way.

I emailed her back that I would die if I had to go on vacation without a phone or computer. DIE. I would also be nervous that something bad would happen the entire time. In my opinion going anywhere overnight w/o the ability to get on the internet or call others is the equivalent of going camping  without any supplies — you’ll probably survive the weekend, and maybe you’ll have some great epiphany or whatevs — but you could also get lost and die of hypothermia and/or starvation as you try to find your way back to civilization. Yes again, it’s like that.

Do you think you could go on vacay without a phone or computer? Is that really more romantic. Do weigh in.

Oh — and tomorrow I’m starting a 21 day cycle of 2 hr 40min writes and I’m going to — super-gasp — stop saying “kind of situation.” Those of who that know me personally know how hard this will be for me, since I’ve been using “kind of situation” to end my sentences since college. But it’s time. We’ll see which one is harder for me: the massive daily write or killing my version of spoken ellipses. Either way, wish me luck.

. photo credit: Agnes L. Reynes-Williams