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Philosophical Monday: What Kind of Dresser Are You?

The other day I decided to write at a nearby grocery store as opposed to my usual Starbucks, and — small world! — ran into editor mate and fellow author, Attica Locke (BLACK WATER RISING). Now normally I’m happy to run into someone I know while out and about, but in this case she happened to catch me in my work uniform, which is basically an orange scarf, flowered blazer and floppy-eared hat worn over sweatpants and a bright-pink 32 CANDLES T-shirt. This outfit is comfortable and warm, and also garners me nods of solidarity from the area’s homeless population. Attica on the other hand was dressed in a nice pair of jeans and an equally nice non-T-shirty top.

After exchanging a few words with Attica, I saw her again two weeks later for drinks with our editor, Dawn Davis, and fellow editor mates, Dolen Perkins-Valdez and Kelly E. Carter (no relation as we keep on having to tell folks). This time I put in some effort, going as far to throw on an Anthropologie dress and some slouch boots (praying to the Universe that no one would notice the Soft Scrub stains on them from the ill-advised cleaning-the-bathroom-in-my-only-pair-of-cute-boots incident).

Attica on the other hand, showed up looking much the same as she had when we ran into each other at the grocery store and as she did at both of the group readings we’ve participated in together. Except this time she had swapped out nice jeans with a a nice skirt. She reminded me of one my old bosses, a woman who always looked simply-but-impeccably put together, no matter what the venue.

I, on the other hand, match my look entirely to the situation. I’m sloppy when I’m writing. I bring out skinny jeans and boots for brunch and kid-centered events. And I throw on dresses for parties and book events.

It occurs to me that there are two kinds of dressers in this world. People like me, who have specific looks for specific occasions and people like Atttica and my old boss, who have a specific look that can work for any occasion. So what kind of dresser are you?

featured image credit: limonada