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Philosophical Monday: What’s Up With 32 CANDLES? [5 Things]

Hey, guys, just a few 32 CANDLES items today, then I’ll get back to my regular blogs for the rest of the week.

1. Hey-oh, I’ve been nominated in the category of “Author of the Year – Female” for the African American Literary Awards Show. Voting is easy and open to everybody, so please cast yours HERE. (My category is at #14 if you want to scroll down).

2. Many thanks to Lori Tharps who wrote a wonderful VOGUE BLACK item about 32 CANDLES. I’m actually reading and thoroughly enjoying the ARC of Ms. Tharps novel, SUBSTITUTE ME, as we speak, so do think about pre-ordering her insightful book HERE.

3. Want to read 32 CANDLES but low on dash? Evelyn N. Alfred is giving away a copy HERE. and Shalema McGhee is giving one away at “Authors in Color.”

4. If you’ve already read the book, would you do me the favor of an Amazon review? If so, you can leave yours HERE.

5. Last but not least 32 CANDLES is once again available on The Nook. If you order a copy before August 2010, please email Barnes & Noble about re-downloading. But other than that, the complete version is now ready for downloading HERE. Happy Reading!

Friendly reminder, we’re hosting a 20-minutes-a-day writing challenge next month, so start thinking about projects that you might want to tackle in 20 minute spurts for the month of September!

Oh, and as always, click on the pic to buy 32 CANDLES!