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Philosophical Monday: When to Disney?

Betty's already practicing for the roller coaster!

Betty's already practicing for the roller coaster!

So CH and I have been low-grade arguing about this since before Betty was born. Basically I hate Disneyland — it’s too clean and sterile and 50s. Whatever. But CH feels exactly the opposite.

Before Betty was born this wasn’t an issue, b/c it didn’t seem cruel for me to not go to Disneyland with CH, who is an adult. But even I would classify myself as a bit Cruella if I refused to take Betty and her hypothetical sibling to this place of wonder (for people other than me), considering that we live so close.

Here’s the problem: I think we should go when Betty is maybe eight or nine — at an age where she will truly, truly appreciate going to Disneyland. CH feels we should take her when she’s like two. So far, he’s successfully negotiated me down to six, pointing out that many of Betty’s same-aged, local peers have already been to Disneyland, in some cases, more than once.

So I decided to put this question to our readers. When do you think is the best time to take your kid to Disneyland if you live close by? Is sooner really better than later? And if so, why? Let me know you’re opins in the comments.