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Political Physics: The You Factor


A blogumn by Monique King-Viehland

Just Vote!

We’ve discussed a lot of different things over the past few weeks from Sarah Palin to the Gas Tax Plan to Michelle Obama to The Bailout Plan.  But you know what? None of that matters as much as what happens next Tuesday.  Whether you’re a Democrat or a Republican doesn’t matter.  Whether you’re a conservative or a liberal doesn’t matter.  Whether your anti-abortion or pro-gay marriage, it just does not matter.  All that matters next week is that you vote!

If you have gleaned anything from the topics that we have discussed over the last few weeks, I hope the most important thing is that no matter what side of the fence you’re on; your vote is critical.

Last week our political leaders – on both sides of the aisle – were in such a rush to solve our country’s financial crisis that rhyme and reason went out the window in lieu of quick action and they passed a bailout bill that could have significant negative long-term impacts on our economy.

Our political leaders – on both sides of the aisle – are considering a plan to suspend the gas tax that has proven ineffective when tried at the state level and that according to the American Society of Civil Engineers could cost the federal government billions of dollars and hundreds of thousands of jobs.

In the 2004 Presidential Election, 122,295,345 voted out of the 215,694,000 eligible voters.  So, only 56.70% of eligible US voters exercised their right to vote in 2004. These bills, plans and proposals will have significant impact on each and every one of us – even when only 50% of us show up at the polls.  So I am asking everyone to not only vote, but also to tell someone else to vote and ask him or her to tell someone else to vote.

And if you or them have questions about the candidates and their positions, I put together a non-partisan, candidate comparison sheet after the jump.  It is based on information I took from the “New York Times Election Guide,” and it details the two major party candidate’s positions on a variety of issues.  So check it out!  And more importantly, share it with a friend.

No matter what your political affiliation, show up next Tuesday! It’s your civic duty and more importantly, vote because the decision that gets made will impact you either way!

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