Procrastinate on This! Rhinoceroses, Dr. Who, and BSG Raptors

Hulloo party people! Feeling sad that you’re still at work on a Friday? I know I am, man. But hopefully this will help. At least 20 minutes of procrastination guaranteed.


CH really wants this Battlestar Galatica Raptor for his birthday in May, but I had to say no to buying it on eBay. M/b if we had oodles of money... and a bigger backyard.

1. Have you played the NPR name game yet? Mine is Ternessa Mons. Let us know what yours is in the comments. [Jezebel]

2. Happy 60th anniversary, Harlequin! I haven’t read one of these in over ten years. But I’ll always carry a soft spot for them, just because they were the only English-language books I could consistently find in bookshops during my 2 semesters in China. As it turns out, having a random selection of celebs reads passages from the books is pretty adorable — especially the guys. [Videogum]

3. Please don’t visit this link, unless you want to be overwhelmed with zoo animal cuteness. Even baby rhinoceroses are super-cute. Who knew! [Boston Globe]

4. I don’t know if I should be amused or saddened by this list of reasons why Dr. Who would be horrible if he was an American (read: why the American television system would totally eff the series up.) [Topless Robot]

5. This video is so terrible, that I can only thank Friend of FaN, Yusuf G, profusely for posting it to his Facebook page. Else, I might never have know such awful “treasure.”