Procrastinate on This! Bye-Bye BOOK WEEK 2! [December 3, 2010]

Oh! I’m so sorry to see BOOK WEEK 2! end. It feels like it went by soooo fast. But there’s always next year. Until then, do enjoy this special BOOK WEEK 2! edition of Procrastinate on This!

Ooh! I totally want this POPULAR MECHANICS coffee table book, which features retro visions of the future that never quite came true -- including a videophone that operates through your TV set... Click on the pic to buy the book!

1. I loved this list of Worst Television Versions of Science Fiction and Fantasy Books. Though, dude, I had no idea they tried to make WRINKLE IN TIME into a TV series! [i09]

2. Will we soon be seeing advertising in digital books? [Galleycat]

3. Thinking about acquiring a Creative Writing MFA? Tayari Jones has some (really fantastic) advice for you. [Tayari Jones]

4. What kind of writer are you? A Thief? Or a Soloist? [Lev Grossman]

5. My whole goal in life is do a WilliamShatneresque song with Bens Folds. Nick Hornby is such a lucky dog! [YouTube]

6. I’m not going to lie. I really wanted to listen to George R.R. Martin’s GAME OF THRONES, but totally didn’t have the attention span to tackle 20+ disks. So I’m glad I’ll be able to watch it in a more manageable TV series form.