Procrastinate on This! Bye-Bye BSG, Hello Mermen!

Okay, I’m working frantically to get a bunch of stuff done before the West-Coast memorial/wake for Milan Stitt. Because Betty pretty much puts me out like an angry zoo animal in need of surgery every night right around 11pm, celebrating Milan’s life tonight means that I won’t be able to see the big Battlestar Galatica season finale until tomorrow.

So here’s me warning all of my Facebook friends: NO SPOILERS in your Facebook Statuses. Seriously, I’ll kill you (with short-lived contempt) if you say anything about BSG whatsoever. So be a comrade and don’t do it for me and all of the other people who won’t be able to watch Battlestar tonight for a really good reason.

That all said, feel free to procrastinate on this:

1. I don’t care if you’ve been my dear friend for over 10 years, loaned me money, and/or held my hand through the toughest moment of my life, I will strike you off my buddy list, w/o a second thought if I ever catch you wearing Slanties. [Gawker]

duetobama2. Okay, when I was a kid I used to watch and rewatch Splash, like today’s kids do Barney heroin straight from the spoon. This was especially impressive as I had to hunt down all the showings on cable, since we didn’t have a DVD player or even a VCR back then. And to this day, I have an unwavering love for Tom Hanks, Darryl Hannah, and John Candy that The Davinci Code, hippie tree stunts, and 20th century death respectively will never kill. So forgive me if I’m the only excited to hear about this gender-bending, Splashish film, Merman that just got greenlit. [Sci Fi Wire] 

3. Unlike a lot of bloggers, I don’t find this Russian Obama ad all that offensive. It just makes me crave ice cream. [Copyranter]

4. Though it’s somewhat intriguing that live maggots actually helped a woman avoid leg amputation by eating away the dead-tissue of her ulcer, the fact is, it’s also pretty frickin’ gross. [Jezebel]

6. So here’s a Fidelity commercial from 2007, with an older white man advising his client to spend, spend, spend now that he’s done such a good job with his retirement savings. And below is the Fidelity commercial that is airing now, which is the first I can ever remember seeing with a financial advisor played by a youngish black female. I guess somebody at Fidelity’s marketing company figures that Americans no longer trust white men with their money. If Timothy Geithner gets replaced with a woman before the year is out, I called it first — especially if she’ black.