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Procrastinate on This! Divorce Counterprogramming

Okay I want to go all bah humbug on this Robbins Brothers commercial of real marriage proposals, but I kind of love it — though would it have killed them to to put a non-white couple in the 30 second TV ad? Just saying…

Anywho, this got me to wondering about all of your proposal stories. Ours isn’t on tape and it was completely unexpected, coming at 1am in the morning after I had come home from one of slpc’s short film shoots for which we created milk rain. Yes, milk rain. It looked awesome, but I reeked of old milk by the time I got home. And now whenever I smell expired or warm milk I think of CH proposing. Funnily enough, I feel that this was the best proposal ever. But I wanna hear your story, so sound off in the comments.