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Procrastinate on This! Dr. Horrible Does Not Endorse Axe Body Spray

Isn’t it annoying that we’re back at work and you know, working on like a Friday when we’d rather be not back at work and not working? Sorry bout that. Here are 5 bits of procrastination, a few of them even more annoying than the working that you’re avoiding.

drhorrible1. Turns out that 57% NOT 70% of blacks voted in favor of Prop 8. Of course this correction isn’t making as big of headlines as the original scapegoat of a miscalculation. Heckuva job, MSM. [Sauda Voice via The Advocate]

2. Oh, and surprisingly not contrary to their annoying commercials’ claims, Axe Body Spray might actually make men more attractive to the opposite sex — as long as they don’t open their mouths. It’s kind of complicated. [Gawker]

3. And in not horrible news, Josh Whedon is promising a second installment of Dr. Horrible. Super yea! [Sci Fi Wire]

4. Wow, I love that there’s a Japanese toilet that monitors your urine, BMI, menustration cycles, blood pressure, and much, much more. However, I don’t love the $9,000 price tag. [CScout Japan]

5. I’ve always said that I wouldn’t own a house in the middle of nowhere, unless an apocolypse happened and I was trying to avoid nuclear fallout, and/or roaming food gangs. In non-hypothetical real-life the country gives me the heebee-jeebees, and I just don’t feel safe outside of the city. I think the below trailer for The Last House on the Left proves my point to a tee. Just say no to country houses.