Procrastinate on This [Friday Edition]


By the time you read this, I’ll be up in the air, hurtling toward the National Book Club Conference in Atlanta. So many authors that I’ve book reported on are going to be there, including Dolen Perkins-Valdez, Carleen Brice, Helena Andrews, and just yesterday, Tayari Jones. So if you’re in the Atlanta area this weekend, do consider coming out.

For the rest of you outside of Atlanta, though , here’s a whole bunch of procrastination. Mmm, procrastination!

Hey folks who have seen a movie about a writer in the past year, click on the pic to help writing coach, Christina Katz, update her 200+ list of movies about writers. Surely, we can do better than her last entry, which was EAT PRAY LOVE. The entry before that was SEX AND THE CITY 2. Sigh.

1. Has the current publishing environment made writers too nice? Author Chuck Wendig thinks so. Here are his suggestions for turning writers into rock stars ala Ernest Hemingway, Oscar Wilde, Hunter Thompson and their ilk. I think we should all follow this advice since those guys didn’t all die in horrible ways. Oh wait, they did… #boringwritersrepresent¬†[terribleminds]

2. For the record we here at Fierce and Nerdy in no way support making fun of children, even if they are celebrity spawn. That all said, though, this Suri Burn Book tumblr, in which Suri Cruise, ostensibly trash talks other celebrity progeny — especially their clothes, is pretty freaking funny. Thanks for the h/t, Negative Natalie. [Suri’s Burn Book]

3. Author Julianna Baggott has too many double letters in her name. More importantly, though, she also has some really good advice on getting your smart kid who hates to read to … well, read. Check it. [My Smart Kid Hates to Read: Part 1]

4. 8 Super-Interesting facts about the Smurfs, quite a few of which have to do with their original creator being somewhat racist and most definitely misogynistic. Smurfy! [Topless Robot]

5. We all figured that the BATTLESHIP movie (yes, the one based on the board game) would be bad. Judging from the trailer, however, it’s even worse than that. I basically didn’t know how much I didn’t want to see SKYLINE and TRANSFORMERS have a water baby until I watched this trailer. And how do you make fricking Eric Northman (aka Alexander Skarsgard) unsexy??? I mean, wow. Just, wow.

Battleship Trailer (2012) HD 1080p by Filmsactu