Procrastinate on This [Friday Edition]

I usually try to say something clever here, but really, nothing’s going on with me this weekend, and let’s face it, you’re not here to hear about my life — you here cuz you want this big ol’ sexy chunk of procrastination, don’t you? Well, here it is.

1. If you try to tell me we don’t live in a wonderful world, I’ll just state the obvious: Um, yeah we do, b/c lookithere, MTV has released the archives of LIQUID TELEVISION online. And then if you have no idea what LIQUID TELEVISION (the phenomenal program that brought us both AEON FLUX and BEAVIS & BUTTHEAD) is, then I’ll end the conversation and never talk to you again, b/c not only are you an awful person, but you’re also cynical and ignorant. Just saying I’m kind of excited about the online release of their archives, that’s all. [Liquid Television]

Expect Halloween to start creeping into our posts from now until the big day. You know how we do! Meanwhile, click on the pic for more pictures of the cutest dog costume ever. via cute overload

2. How cool! According to the internets, the Japanese Ministry of Tourism will be flying 10,000 random people over to Japan on their dime. We should all get on that application. [culture japan]

3. As a heavy e-folder-filer, I’m somewhat aghast to learn that according to one IBM study, putting your email into folders is a waste of time. Apparently it’s way more efficient to just do a search on your inbox. [Slashdot]

4. This Feminist Ryan Gosling tumblr is kind of the best thing ever. Seriously, you’re welcome. And h/t to Jamyla Bennu for the link. [Feminist Ryan Gosling]

5. So I’m just posting this b/c my new iPhone 4GS came today, and this voice assistance demo is easily its most exciting feature. [Stuff.TV demo]

6. Have an xx chromosome and planning to participate in Nanowrimo? Well, SheWrite is looking for women to blog about their experience.  [NaNoWriMo Columnist Wanted]

7. After (literally) years of hype, a trailer has finally been released for THE AVENGERS. About effing time, and it looks purty good (yeah, Whedon boy). Extra points for Tony Stark’s snark and Thor’s sexy laughing skills. #iseeyouthor