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Procrastinate on This! Friday Edition

Whatta week, whatta week, ya’ll. But it ain’t over yet. You still have to swallow down the extra-large dose of Procrastinate on This!

Did you really think I was going to let a whole week go by without a STAR WARS mention? Silly readers, click on the pic to find out how to purchase a set of three pancake molds from Williams-Sonoma for $19.95. Source: LikeCool

1. This Jezebel article pretty much captures my feelings about those who complain about oversharing — basically that sensitivity to oversharing is really a question of cultural and generational differences. [Jezebel]

2. I love this easy-to-folllow eating plan from personal trainer, Susan Howard — mostly b/c it actually includes the advice to eat a late night snack! [The Next Family]

3. Apparently MTV has ordered 10 episodes of a US Version of  the raunchy-teen-Brit-hit SKINS. Here’s hoping they don’t completely eff it up. [Deadline/Hollywood]

4. One of the many things CH and I had in common when we first met was that we both owned Mac laptops and iPods. Since becoming a couple, we’ve  a new laptop for Christian, a MacBook Air for me, Apple TV and iPhones for the both of us, and of course, the iPad. So yes, I think this new dating site for Apple fans is a fantastic idea. [Cupidtino]

5. Big thanks to Friend of FaN annalita for posting the below on my Facebook page. I think it serves as an important reminder to LOST fans not to go crazy after the last episode this Sunday.