Procrastinate on This! Friday Edition

The wheel-chair bound might soon be going bionic with these exoskeleton legs. Click on the link to read more about this really freaking cool advancement at LikeCool

So I have about a thousand items on my To Do list, but after a cross them off, I get to enjoy my in-laws for the rest of the weekend before coming back to California for my reading at Vroman’s Pasadena. If you’re in the area, do come out. Meanwhile here’s a big ol’ chunk of procrastination to get you through the day.

1. I loved this advice about how to become a better writer from a literary agent. [Rants & Ramblings]

2. Want to win a free copy of 32 CANDLES? Today’s Book on the Train and Two Southern Girls are giving ’em away!

3. Ever wonder what the internet will be like in 2025? [Google Blogoscoped]

4. Do you suffer from nerd rage? Take this handy quiz and let us know your score. Apparently, I’m merely a grumpy fan (sad face). [i09]

5. Okay, somebody needs to just go’on ahead and make a whole Lego action movie based around this scene.