Procrastinate on This: Friday Edition

I have a PACKED Friday. We’re getting AT&T U-verse, running about a thousand errands, on top of my usual writing session. Site note, if you have any suggestions for our upcoming redesign, please let us know. We love our readers and want to improve you’re experience when you’re here with us. So do give us suggestions in the comments. Meanwhile, we’ve got your procrastination right here:

These aprons actually make me want to cook. My fave is the Ghostbusters one. What's yours? Thanks to Kelli Bielema for the h/t! Source: The Kitchen

1. As someone who spent the summer rewriting a weird dystopian girl-gang sci-fi novel that I fear that no one will ever want to read,  I so appreciate this list of 6 great novels that were critically panned in their time, which includes, BRAVE NEW WORLD, GRAPES OF WRATH, LORD OF THE FLIES, MOBY DICK and other English class staples. []

2. I’ve been saying for years that iPhone should do an ad specifically geared toward moms, b/c mine has been my lefthand in this whole motherhood business. Til then Huffington Post has a list of Top iPhone Apps for Moms. [Huffington Post]

3. Cool movie-inspired furniture. Thanks to Kelly Kaboom Lett for the h/t! [Tom Spina Designs]

4.  Wanna see what a $20,000 foosball table looks like? [LikeCool]

5. This trailer for MONSTERS looks intriguing. Apparently, it’s about two Americans trying to get to the US Border six years after an alien invasion. Dude, I had to do the exact same thing once, and let me tell you, it’s really hard!