Procrastinate on This! Friday Edition

I, for one, am trying not to procrastinate too much today, since I have A LOT to do if I want to complete all of my summer time goals by September 1st. But I hate the thought of anyone stuck at work, having to do actual, you know, work, so here’s a big old chunk of procrastination for when the boss isn’t looking.

I totally would have done a super-hero themed wedding with me playing Storm, accept a) I'm not sure who CH would have dressed up as and b) my family totally woudn't have gone for it, which would have messed up the theme. But click on the pic for the full Topless Robot story about this couple who did manage to pull it off. Just try not to be jealous like me.

1. I love this list of the 28 kicking-assiest females from geek culture. [Wired]

2. Oh my deity, why did I vow to hunker down this August? If only I had known that the American Ninja Warrior tryouts are THIS Saturday at Venice Beach. Temptation thou name art Ninja Warrior! And, oh hey, thanks to Amy R from “Tall Drink of Nerd” for the h/t. [G4]

3. This list of 3 things never to say to a bride is hilarious, because it is so FREAKIN’ true. I especially loved the bit about how singletons claim they’re just going to elope on a beach somewhere, so as to “avoid” the pain of a wedding. Dude, you’re not going to elope. Trust me, I tried. But then, I was like, well I have to invite my family and my best friend and my closest friends, and my husband felt the same way, and boom, suddenly we weren’t eloping but planning a wedding for 100 in good ol’ LA. I know of not one couple who has managed to fully elope on a beach. And trust me when I tell you that you won’t be able to either. Anyway, I’m going to stop now, because the rant at Scenery Chewer is waaaay more funny. [Scenery Chewer]

4. Writer Mamas! Short on funds, but full of desire to get your writing career kickstarted? The deadline for Christina Katz’s Writer Mama Scholarship for her next online class is THIS SUNDAY at midnight. []

5. And last but not least, the um … new season trailer for Venture Bros. Seriously, why isn’t is September 12th yet?