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Procrastinate on This: Friday Edition [April 15, 2011]

Let’s see what i’m doing this weekend: writing, taxes … and yeah, that’s about it. But before you guys get to your surely much more exciting weekends, procrastinate on this:

1. Apparently, Science has got something in the works to make us more moral. According to my collection of seventies sci-fi, absolutely nothing should go wrong with that. [i09]

I think we can all agree that this $18.95 Obol dish, which allows you to keep your liquids and solids together but separate is a freaking brilliant idea. Click on the pic to buy yours. ~via LikeCool

2. Also apparently, reading not only makes you smarter, but also happier and it gets your kids into college. So if you don’t have a weekly offline reading habit, you really oughta rethink that stance. [Word Love]

3. Think your first time was awkward? Check out author Sandra Gulland’s account of the wedding night of Anne of Austria and Louis XIII, who were engaged at 10 and married at 14. Not only did two nurses watch, but his mom came in to examine the bedsheets afterward. It was all so traumatizing that Louis refused to return to his wife’s bed for years afterwards. [Sandra Gulland]

4. Javier Bardem will be playing Roland in the massive TV series-Film hybrid adaption of Stephen King’s THE DARK TOWER. Effing yes. He’s perfect. Now just waiting for the the inevitable news that Zoe Saldana will be playing Susan. Seriously cannot wait for project to hit screens. [Topless Robot]

5. Um, I hated the Tim Burton version of PLANET OF THE APES as much as any geek would and should, but is it just me, or does this prequel look really good?