Procrastinate on This: Friday Edition [April 8, 2011]

So it’s Friday, and I’m super-exciting, so that means I have a very hard decision to make regarding my social plans. Should I go see HANNA by myself or SOURCE CODE by myself? Hmm…

Well, while I chew over that, why don’t the rest of you just go on ahead and procrastinate on this.

1. It’s Friday, so we should probably all check out these 10 super-interesting facts about poop, including that whale poop is good for the ocean and that ancient poop (not a comet) might one day bring on an apocalypse. Yes, seriously. [i09]

We don't want to say that ALL our FaN bloggers go on to some kind of fame. But our own Missy Kulik's graphic design did get some background coffee mug work. Click on the pic for the full story!

2. Are you or someone you know a sociopath? Well April Henry, the co-author of the new thriller, HEART OF ICE, provides us with a handy list of sociopath traits. Hint: you don’t have to be a criminal to be one, and apparently Henry discovered that she knew one or two sociopaths in her own social circle. And just in case you were thinking of not clicking over, one of the traits includes not wanting to know if you’re a sociopath. [Girlfriends Book Club]

3. Since introversion came up a couple of times this week, here’s some handy tips on how to market yourself when you don’t have extroversion on your side. [Shrinking Violets Promotions]

4. Please help terrific author and Friend of FaN, Bernice McFadden, travel to Egypt to research what we’re sure will be an amazing book. [Bernice McFadden]

5. Billionaire Richard Branson will be piloting the Virgin Oceanic, a pretty futuristic-looking sub that will hopefully pave the way for serious undersea tourism someday. Branson must have read way too much Jules Verne growing up, and to tell you the truth, that’s kind of what I like most about him. [PopSci]

6. This mash-up of 2011 action movies reminded me to ask — how are you enjoying 2011 so far where movies are concerned? Loving them? Hating them? Mehing them? And what are you looking forward to this summer. I personally will be all over Thor. I don’t know why — just will.