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Procrastinate on This! Friday Edition [August 13, 2010]

How’s it going? Did you have a nice day? Are you working hard, not motivated to work hard? Either way, here’s a big old batch of procrastination.

I know, I know, too much STAR WARS. But c'mon, it's a pic of an upcoming Star Wars edition Verizon Droid, which is made to look like R2D2. I would never forsake my iPhone, but man... If you're on Verizon, click on the pic to get the full story from "Topless Robot"

1. Apparently the co-creator of STAR WARS isn’t happy with the way it turned out. [i09]

2. On another note, I was really touched by Raoul De La Cruz’s visit with all of his old Star Wars toys. It was kind of beautiful to see a Star Wars collector all grown up. #nerdtearjerker¬†[Rancho Cocoa]

3. Betty and I have been listening to A LOT of Beach Boys lately, so I’m loving Nicole’s list of great summer albums, which includes¬†Pet Sounds, Al Green, and a few bands that even I haven’t heard of. []

4. A handy guide to winning Rock, Paper, Scissors. [LikeCool]

5. And when I get home from my hair appointment CH and I are doing the nerdiest of date nights this weekend, with a double feature of INCEPTION and SCOTT PILGRIM. So many thanks to author, Carleen Brice (ORANGE, MINT AND HONEY; CHILDREN OF THE WATERS) for hepping to this awesome Scott Pilgrim/Inception mashup by ZAFFI Pictures!

Scott Pilgrim vs Inception from ZAFFI Pictures on Vimeo.