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Procrastinate on This! Friday Edition [Dec. 18]

Okay, here’s our last PoT Friday edition for the year. You know, I remember way back when (2008), when we only did Procrastinate on This! on Fridays, but then I found out in a good way that you guys like to procrastinate every weekday — especially if you’re at work. Nice! Anywho, we’ll still be running PoT!s over the next few weeks, just not these big ole Friday editions, b/c they require research. So we’ll procrastinate big again come 2010.

1. Flying over the holidays? Read these practical tips first. There were even a few that were new to me and I thought I was an old hand. [New York Times]

2. Of all the suggestions in Thundersquee’s Purposefully Crappy Gift Guide, I think I liked the check for $15 the best. I might actually give that to someone the next time I want to passive-agressively end our friendship. [Thundersquee]

3. Remember those high fructose corn syrup ads that claimed HFCS wasn’t bad for you? Turns out that was like a total lie. [My, You Really Have Put On Weight via grist]

4. Even more proof that you really shouldn’t aspire to look like those women on the magazine covers. [Jezebel]

5. I have a feeling this is going to divide a lot of our readers. On one hand, the original, lily-white British version of Death at a Funeral was pretty darn funny and m/b didn’t need an American remake. On the other hand, a mostly black cast in a comedy that I already know is written brilliantly with a surprising directing turn by Neil Effing Labute AND Peter Dinklage in the same role as the original! Um… Well, I’ll definitely be there for the curiosity factor alone.