Procrastinate on This: Friday Edition: February 18, 2011

What’s up everybody. Anybody else got a three-day weekend on the table. If so, how do you plan to spend it. I might watch RuPaul Drag Race, since right now it might be the best sci-fi on television. I kid, I kid … sort of.

1. For the sake of good math is it time to get rid of pi and replace it w/ something called tau? One math dude makes a good case for doing just that. [i09]

2. Did you know that elephants really are afraid of mice? Then you must have watched that episode of Mythbusters, too. Here are six other unbelievable myths that the show proved to be true. [Topless Robot]

This Hipster Ariel meme is kind of the best thing ever. Click on the pick for more angst. ~via Tumblr

3. Everybody should probably read this post on how to ergonomically organize your workspace. Though if you’re lazy and cheap like me, the only advice you’ll probably utilize is the “take more breaks” suggestion. Me likey the breaks. [Lifehacker]

4. Received this with a note from Ernessa that read, “Please put this what to really expect when expecting piece in the Procrastinate on This! Friday edition. Also, please put the exclamation point back in Procrastinate on This! It really is cuter that way.” Well, I’m only honoring one of those requests. [Jezebel]

5. You know how you sometimes see a trailer and your adult mind goes “Hell to the naw” but your inner-teenager jumps up and down, asking to see this ish on opening day? That was kind of my response to BEASTLY, even though Pettyfer is nowhere near beastly in this, ┬ájust tattooed and pierced up — which is actually kinda hot, But yeah, I’ll probably end up at the very least renting it. Damn you, Linda Hamilton and Ron Perlman. Thanks to the two seasons I spent with you in a sewer when I was a child, I’m now doomed to be a sucker for this concept until the day I die.