Procrastinate on This: Friday Edition: February 4, 2011 [BEST OF FaN]]

I think there might be some type of gaming event on this weekend. I’m not sure what it is, since no one’s really been talking about it this week. I might go do a deep internet search on the topic to see if I can dig up any information on this mostly ignored event, but first …. your weekly dose of Procrastinate on This.

This site, "Bangable Dudes From History," had us at Nikola Tesla. Click on the pic for many other bangable dead dudes, including aristocracy and criminals -- b/c everybody knows they tend to be more bangable than most.

1. Could the U.S. take out our internet, like Egypt took out their citizen’s internet? Short answer: Not so much, but our enemies — now they should be worried. [i09]

2. I don’t care if this guy has written the next BEOWULF, I would never ever read a 10,000 page poem. Okay, well, m/b if it was as good as BEOWULF, I’d read it. Hey, somebody else should read it first and let me know. Anyway, not to gender bait, but I wasn’t surprised to find out that the poet was a guy. That takes (the bad kind of) balls. [GalleyCat]

3. This Definitive Guide to Housecats was more than my puny brain could handle, but maybe it won’t short-circuit your head. [Jezebel]

4. This list of 100 Interjections rawks hard. My favorite is “Feh,” which is described as a cousin of “Meh.” [Daily Writing Tips]

5. Oh wait, now I remember what that sporting event was called: The Super Bowl. And this Volkswagon ad, which will show during said event is fierce, nerdy, and super freaking cute. UPDATE: As it turns out Friend of FaN, Jennifer May Nickel made the awesome cape, which as you can see, billows like a rock star. We’ve got friends in high(ly nerdy) places. [Angry Black Lady Chronicles]