Procrastinate on This: Friday Edition [Happy Halloween 2010]

So obviously I won’t be procrastinating at all this weekend. Not only do I have my self-imposed deadline to finish the first rewrite of my second women’s fiction novel by November 1, but I’m also gearing up for the Circle of Sisters Book Club tomorrow in good ol’ NYC, so be there, our hurt our collective feelings.

Meanwhile, I do believe it’s time to procrastinate on this!

1. Yeah, this Death Star pumpkin is pretty much the best jack-o-lantern in the history of ever. [Topless Robot]

These Halloween Ski Masks are both funny and creepy. That's all. Except for click on the link for more details. Source: LikeCool

2. Looking for a romantic dinner to make for your vegetarian sweetheart? Look no further than this Sweetie Melt recipe made up by own own Kelli Bielema (“Fierce in Seattle”). Seriously, I’d eat this, and ya’ll know how I luvs the meat. [Veg Out & About]

3. Love, love, love these PSA posters for alien invasions. But yeah, let’s hope we never actually need them. [i09]

4. Ya’ll know how I’m always lovin’ on my gap, right? Well, it’s looks like I’m not the only one. It looks like gap-tooth honies are “in.” This makes me wish that people still said “Woot!” [NewsOK]

5. Sookie! There’s a big blizzard comin’! Check out Vampire Bill using his real accent in the trailer for Ice, a movie that looks like the British version of The Day After Tomorrow. Though I consider not actually having Roland Emmerich at the helm a plus, I’m still on the fence about whether I want to see this. What say you?