Procrastinate on This: Friday Edition [January 21, 2011]

Hey, what’s up. T.E. here, finally getting my act together and turning in these special-edition PoTs. It only took three weeks and that’s a personal “getting my act together” record, so yeah, I’m feeling a little proud of myself right now.

This is how PETER NIMBLE author, Jonathan Auxier solves the two-people-one-book problem with his wife. That's very sweet. Much better than "snatch and hide until other person gives up looking and/or dumps me" system. Other than that, his blog is neat and he's a Friend of FaN, so click on the pic to check out his blog.

1. Good news for all those who, like me, are just yelling “C’mon in, Tinnitis” with their lead finger on the volume button and their chronic need to listen to lots and lots of heavy metal and rap. Scientists have found a cure for the disease in rats and might be on the verge of solving it in humans, too. C’mon feel the noise. ¬†[i09]

2. Science just ruined another great relationship theory. Apparently opposites DON’T attract, and in fact, do not last. So ¬†that one couple you know who look exactly alike to a creepy brother-sister extent — yeah, they’re going to be together forever. [Jezebel]

3. Would it be wrong to adopt a cat just so I could put him in a kick-ass cat Tron costume? [Great White Snark]

4. Thanks to Friend of FaN, BabySmiling from Baby Smiling in Back Seat for sending this link to habitforge, a website dedicated to helping you form a habit in 21 days. I’m already perfect and a paragon of good habits, but maybe the rest of you could use it… [habitforge]

5. Living in a post-apocalyptic world can really put a complicated damper on the old love life. Just ask Ewan McGregor.