Procrastinate on This! Friday Edition [July 9, 2010]

I had sooo much fun last night at the St. Louis signing, and now I have a weekend’s worth of family reunion activities to attend to. So alas, not much procrastination on my end. BUT I totally want you to take advantage of the below:

Still don't believe that the universe is good? Behold the existence of a Spiderman Frying Pan. Still don't believe that the universe is bad? Alas, it's seemingly impossible to purchase. Click on the pic for the full story.

1. Looking for 10 minutes worth of procrastination? Suggest that your friends read 32 CANDLES this weekend on Facebook and Twitter. Or you can leave a review for 32 on Amazon. Friendly reminder that we’re trying to log 50 of them by August 1st.

2. I so need to employ these 15 tips for updating your blog during the one week I’m not on the road in July. Wait for it and meanwhile there’s a lot of good advice in here for my fellow bloggers. [Christina Katz]

3. I’m participating in the African Diaspora Readathon this Saturday, June 10. All you have to do is start reading a book from an author in the Africand Diaspora. I think you already know which one I’m going to suggest. [Carleen Brice]

4. Some might think that libraries moving into malls to attract more readers is a tad desperate, but I adore this idea and plan to visit the Bookmarks Library in Dallas … after I do my reading at Legacy Books on July 15 at 7pm. Yes, that tour plug just happened. Marketing ahoy! [Yahoo News]

5. So now it’s possible to get BACK TO THE FUTURE sneakers. Surely, a time-traveling DeLorean can’t be far behind. Where would you go? I myself am mighty curious about the year 2060.