Procrastinate on This! Friday Edition [June 25, 2010]

You know what the best way to procrastinate is? That’s right, reading a book, yo. So do think about procrastinating with 32 CANDLES this week. Meanwhile here’s a big old hunk of PoT! to get you through your work day:

This $135 mixtape watch is cool, but a little too impractical for me to give to CH, who actually like uses his and stuff for his job. But maybe your watch-wearing loved one would appreciate it? Click on the pic for deets. Source: LikeCool

1. Basically we’re never going to see light sabers within our lifetime, b/c while they look cool, they’re just really, really impractical and badly designed. Bummer. [i09]

2. I’m going to see BLOOD RED LOST HEAD DEAD FALCON, this dramatic work by some of the most brilliant artists I know IRL tonight (Friday). What are you up to? [Highways Performance Space]

3. As someone who really does think that MFA programs should include marketing classes as part of their required course work, I declare these business courses for creative types brilliant. New York artist are so lucky. [NYT]

4. This list of 24 things going extinct in America makes me feel both nostalgic and wondrous of what’s to come. [VOO]

5. This GREEN HORNET trailer left me feeling a little meh. What do you think?