Procrastinate on This: Friday Edition [March 11, 2011]

What’s up, weekend rockers? I just got edits back from my agent, so I’m planning to spend the next few months of weekends rewriting my novel. Being a hermit by nature, I’m really excited to have an excuse not to go out. But maybe you’ve got better weekend plans? If so, sound off in the comments. Meanwhile, here’s your extra-big dose of procrastination to get you through until we meet again next Monday.

It's so hard being a hipster these days, w/ everyone breeding. I know, I know... but scan this DUNE coloring book and your next hipster baby shower gift dilemma is solved. ~via Coilhouse (click on the pic for more pages)

1. FINALLY, somebody tells me how to make my own pop rocks. Stay tuned for lots of mayhem. Seriously, I might make the news. [i09]

2. The smartest (and funniest) response to Tiki Barber’s attempted football comeback that I’ve read thus far. [Angry Black Lady Chronicles]

3. Awesome post by Randy Susan Meyer’s (THE MURDERER’S DAUGHTER) about great craft books to read before and after you write your novel. [grub street daily]

4. Looking for good anime? Check the comments section of this N.K. Jemisin post asking for good anime suggestions. My hand is all crampy now from adding so many new series and movies to my Netflix queue.  [N.K. Jemisin]

5. You know, how Ernessa is always saying that her fellow Smithie author, Jessica Brody, always has the best YA trailers. And how every other YA author should take note, and how Jessica Brody hung the YA trailer moon? Well, she’s right. Here’s the trailer for Jessica Brody’s upcoming book, MY LIFE UNDECIDED. And once again, it looks like movie I’d actually want to watch if I was a teen. Good job, dude. [Jessica Brody]