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Procrastinate on This: Friday Edition [March 25, 2011]

Finally SUCKER PUNCH weekend is here. I’m going to go see it this afternoon, so I’ll be procrastinating in the theater as your read this. But the rest of you should feel free to procrastinate on the below, then go see SUCKER PUNCH after you do. Happy Viewing.

1. Friendly reminder, starting on Monday, you’re going to have come off some dough to have full electronic access to the New York Times. I think I’m going to have to bite the stick, and go for the full $35 pass. How about you? [NYT]

Okay, not only are these Dino Tails the cutest ish ever, but it will automatically transform your kid from a little terror to a total cutie in the eyes of those who don't like kids. Seriously, if you put this on your kid before getting on a plane, men in business suits would volunteer to sit next to you, that's how cute this ish is. Click on the pic to find out how to make one of your own. ~via Tatertots & Jello

2. These solutions just might solve whatever life problem you have right now. Yes, seriously! [Lifehacker]

3. Trying to decide which writer conventions and conferences are worth your time and money? Check out the comments section of this PIMP MY NOVEL post. Published and unpublished writers alike weigh in. [Pimp My Novel]

4. I would download this picture-a-day app, but I already know that Ernessa would make me post the daily results on Fierce and Nerdy. But if you don’t have a tyrannical co-editor, might be a fun project for you. [Galleycat]

5. I don’t want to say that this storyline might be a turn off for their core audience. But if I were a scrawny nerd, a comic about a scrawny nerd who can’t fight for his country without undergoing some questionable Frankenstein work might be a little offensive. But whatever, CAPTAIN AMERICA will probably do just fine at the box office without any scrawny nerd support behind it.