Procrastinate on This: Friday Edition: March 4, 2011 [BEST OF FaN]

Heya, I’ve gotta bounce for a weekend of … well, nothing much. But ya’ll don’t want hear me, ya’ll just want to dance … with this weekend’s chunk of procrastination. So here you go:

Please don't click on this post unless you want your entire Friday afternoon to be filled with glee. Big thanks to "Angry Black Lady Chronicles" for the h/t on the SNACKS TO THE FUTURE tumblr.

1. I was just complaining the other day that we don’t roll creepy enough here at Fierce and Nerdy. So to correct that, I’m including this post about how to make crafts with cat hair. Sorry ahead of time. [Jezebel]

2. Note to women: according to this one study, if you cheat on your boyfriend with another man, then there’s only about a 22% chance that he won’t dump you. But if you cheat on him with another woman, than the chance of him taking you back goes up to 50%. So if you’re thinking of stepping out…. [NYT]

3. See, I wanted to take the advice offered within in the “How to Complain … Without Being an Asshole” post. But as it turns out, it takes a lot of work to complain in a civilized manner. So I think I’ll just stick to complaining the uninformed, emotional, and ranty way. Sorry, Customer Service People. If only Americans weren’t grown so lazy.  [Lifehacker]

4. Just when you think that male body spray ads can’t get any more ridiculous, I present to you, “Fallen Angels.” [LikeCool]

5. Wondering how to raise your kids with a good sense of geography? Try these homeschooling lesson plan by friend of FaN, HOMEGROWN MOSAIC. The brilliance of the plan is that you don’t have to be a homeschooler. It can work just as easily as a supplement to whatever you child is learning at her or his traditional school. I also like that it’s very democratic — starting with the continent of Africa, then moving on from there in alphabetical order. It also teaches kids that just like its neighbor to the north, Europe, Africa isn’t a country. [Homegrown Mosaic]

6. You know, unlike a lot of other people, I didn’t mind Brandon Routh as Superman. Also, this film has that werewolf I like (b/c he doesn’t scream all the time like his British counterpoint) from BEING HUMAN: Boston [as filmed in Canada]. Still, this DYLAN DOG: Dead of the Night film just really doesn’t excite me — mostly because it doesn’t seem like Routh can actually act, at least not to the point that he can pull off quips. What do you think?