Procrastinate on This: Friday Edition [May 20, 2011

Hey Kids,

So I’m going to give PIRATES OF THE CARIBBEAN 4 a chance. I don’t have high hopes, but I also don’t have anything else to watch this weekend, so … yeah, basically I’m just counting down to Memorial Day when I’ll get to enjoy both barbecue and movies. Til then, let’s all just procrastinate on this:

Ooh wee! THE HUNGER GAMES version of Jennifer Lawrence looks good! Click on the pic for the EW preview.

1. Tim Mitchell quite rightly adds “direct-to-DVD release” and “lack of story progression” to Ryan Dixon’s list of Seven Deadly Sequel Sins[Titans Terrors & Toys]

2. Don’t want to be one of those overprotective parents? This list of dangerous things to do with your kids should inspire you. That way when they’re prattling on to their therapists about all the emotional damage you caused, they’ll have that shining memory of the one time you let them lick battery to hold on to until they have kids of their own, see it’s not that easy, and cut you an effin break already. [My Brown Baby]

3. Speaking of kids, here are some tips for flying with toddlers. Basically practice before you get on the plane. [The Next Family]

4. The next time you really just love a book here are ten great ways to support it from author Jody Hedlund. I plan to start doing all of these as a matter of principle every time I borrow and love a book from the library. [Jody Hedlund]

5. This FRIGHT NIGHT trailer looks pretty good, but considering that Anton Yelchin has been playing high schoolers for over eight years now, I’m finding it hard to buy him as a high schooler. What’s sad is that his love interest is also in her 20s. Whatever happened to high schoolers playing high schoolers?