Procrastinate on This: Friday Edition [May 6, 2011]

THOR! THOR! THOR! What was that? I couldn’t hear you over the sound of my geek anticipation. Just procrastinate on this, and we’ll talk more next week. THOR! THOR! THOR!

As excited about summer movies as me? Click on the pic to check out i09's summer movie preview round-up, so that you can mark your calendars and what not. Strangely enough, the movie I'm most looking forward to is PRIEST. How about you?

1. Whoa, apparently the Terminator 3 spin-off books are totally worth a read, according to Tim Mitchell. [Titans, Terrors, and Toys]

2. Need some inspiration to kick ass this weekend? Check out these 60 Personal Mantras that Inspire the Courage to Overcome Fear and Change Your Life. Great stuff. [Happy Black Woman]

3. Looking for a way to make your July 4th party truly banging. Serve this beer recipe straight from the pen of founding father, George Washington. And if anyone says it’s not that great, you can answer, “Say that to George Washington’s face, fool!” Good times. [Gawker]

4. Because I know you were wondering, here’s a piece on how to make a 90s teen sitcom opener. Spoiler: Lots of pastel. [Jezebel]

5. So it looks like the CONAN: THE BARBARIAN remix is pretty much going back to the 80s and making a movie that’s all action and one-liners. So yeah, I’ll definitely be seeing it in theater. Hey man, the 80s is where they made me at.