Procrastinate on This! Friday Edition [Memorial Day Weekend 2010]

So the hubby has a four-day weekend, and we’re planning to go … nowhere. Yes, nowhere! It’s going to be so glorious, I don’t even know what to do with myself. I imagine days of sitting around, watching stuff on the Apple TV, and just using this time oh-so-unwisely. I’m so excited. And hopefully this big old chunk of procrastination will set the mood for your weekend, too. Happy Memorial Day!

CH sent the following to me with the message "it's like they are in your mind" Click on the pic for more deets. Source: i09

1. The guys behind MYTHBUSTERS have signed a mulitiyear contract for the show and agreed to develop several new shows with Discovery. I am officially a Discovery Channel widow. [i09]

2. As someone who just found her 32 CANDLES ARC for sell on eBay, I’m kind of in agreement that piracy is here to stay, so maybe don’t sweat it so hard. [J.A. Koranth]

3. Want to win a free book? Tell author Carleen Brice [Orange, Mint, and Honey] what you’re looking forward to reading this summer. Spoiler: one of the books she’s recommending as a summer read is 32 CANDLES. [Carleen Brice]

4. Apparently Night Owls are smarter than Early Birds. Burn! Though, becoming a mother has mutated me into an early bird. Should I be concerned? [Psychology Today]

5. I want an Iron Baby suit for Betty so bad, but I fear what she would do if I failed to make her bottle fast enough. [Topless Robot]