Procrastinate on This! Friday Edition [November 12, 2010]

Good news and bad news. Bad news first: Yesterday I had my last non-L.A. book event of 2010. Good news: I’ll no longer be whining about how busy I am like every other blog. Here’s a whole bunch of procrastination to celebrate…

I'm at CSULA on Monday, Nov. 15! Click on the pic for the details!

1. Ah, sweet! This couple has been married for 72 years. But perhaps more importantly, they have matching easy chairs! CH why don’t we have matching easy chairs? [KPTV Portland]

2. I think I just might download this idea brainstormer app. Just perfect for spontaneous writers, which I am not, but perhaps could be if I had an app like this. [Galleycat]

3. So thanks to Google, there’s now free wifi on Delta, Virgin American, and AirTran. But sadly, I only fly Continental/United, American, and JetBlue. One day… [ValleyWag]

4. Seriously Zac Effron going is to star in the American adaptation of AKIRA??? Seriously? Where to start? That’s just one huge #icant [Los Angeles Herald]

5. Had no time to actually watch this, b/c I’m so crunched for time. But let me know what you think of the trailer for the much-hyped BATTLE: LOS ANGELES: