Procrastinate on This! Friday Edition [November 19, 2010]

Ugh, we’re in the process of moving. And I must say that the only thing I dislike about being in a family unit as opposed to single is the moving bit. It used to take me three hours tops to move. Now it takes two weeks and a couple of outside services to get us into a new place. Ah well, at least we’ll be within walking distance of stuff again. My soul has really been missing that. Apparently motherhood didn’t make me magically-suited for the suburbs like I thought it would. Team City #forevah yo!

But while I’m offline and moving, I would so love if you took advantage of this big batch of procrastination.

1. As someone who grew up with a shopping addict/hoarder and has always had trouble explaining the weird horror of it, I’m glad this issue is getting some attention. And I agree with Jezebel that it’s way too often classified as a “women’s problem.” [Jezebel]

2. I was shocked that my least favorite airport, LAX showed up at #4 on this list of America’s Airports Ranked from Best to Worst, while my favorite airport, Newark Liberty International, came in dead last. But then I realized that they weren’t using anything on my personal ranking system. They were concerned with stuff like on-time departures, safety, and amenities, whereas I’m more concerned with the ease of getting to and from the airport and not having to wait forever at baggage claim. Team EWR! [The Daily Beast]

3. I’ve been saying for years now that if we really want to make advances in space travel, we need more pioneering efforts (1000 year ships, lifetime missions, etc) and apparently a few people agree with me. Two scholars are pointing out that we’d could get a manned mission to Mars off the ground waaaay sooner (as opposed to in like 25 years) if the team would just agree not to come back. O Pioneers! [i09]

4. I think my favorite word on this list of 20 Awesomely Untranslatable Words From Around The World is jayus, an Indonesian word that means a joke told so poorly that it’s funny. It’s been said that I really know my way around a jayus. [MatadorNetwork]

5. Somedays it’s just super-hard to be a black sci-fi fan. On one hand, I want to see Cowboys and Aliens b/c I have a friend who worked behind the scenes on it and the concept is dope. On the other hand, it looks like the entire cast is white, b/c for whatever reason the movie industry likes to pretend that all cowboys were white when in fact, 1 in every 4 (that’s 25%) were black. Sigh. So yeah, it doesn’t look like I’ll be giving my money to this much-ballyhooed effort.