Procrastinate on This! Friday Edition [November 5, 2010]

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That all promoted, let’s procrastinate on this!

Wassup Brooklyn! Click on the pic for more info!

1. I love the concept of this Cliche Finder database, but am afraid to use it, for fear that I’ll find too many of my pet phrases within. [Galleycat]

2. Agent Rachelle Gardner basically says that writers who want to get published need to pick up a gotdang business book. I totally agree! [Rachelle Gardner]

3. This list of 15 sci-fi classics that publishers repeatedly rejected is both cool and inspiring. The list includes H.G. Well’s WARS OF THE WORLDS, Frank Herbert’s DUNE, and fellow Smithie, Madeleine L’Eng;e’s WRINKLE IN TIME. [i09]

4. One businessperson confirms what I’ve suspected for a while now: offices are soooo bad for productivity. [Jezebel]

5. Um, I pretty much hate the concept of Jack Black in a modern-day, 3D version of GULLIVER TRAVELS, but I have to admit that Lilliputian version of KISS’s “Rock and Roll All Night.” I’m such a sucker for 70s hair rock.